Thursday, March 19, 2009

your words, your style, your way

What is blogging to you? Blogging to me is your words, your style, and your way. This quarter I was assigned to start blogging for the first time. I got to choice whatever I wanted to write about so it would be interesting to me; it was my words, my style, and my way. I chose to write about my passion, which was cheerleading. I knew I would never run out of things to say and it turns out I found other bloggers who felt the same way.

Blogging can sometimes really put someone out there and sometimes take you out of your comfort zone to talk about things that can be hard to talk about for some people. However, at the same time it could have a good experience because it lets other bloggers know that there is other bloggers writing about the same subject matter they are writing about for themselves. For example, a girl in my class is pregnant and she chose to talk about that. I’m sure that wasn’t easy for her but at the same time it could be helping her get things off her chest. (Paige. “A Student 18 and Pregnant.” It’s a girl. Fri. 13 Feb. 2009.) For instants how she writes about how she is so scared for her child after reading stories about other children that came out unhealthy and this makes her hope nothing but for her child to be healthy. There are so many young bloggers out there that are writing about the very same thing.

When I first started blogging I didn’t really understand the purpose or goal of a personal blog, until I started to search for a blog to follow on the same subject I was writing about. I found a very special person, Pamela Enders, who is very big on blogging and she always tries to us her blogging skills to try to help other cheerleaders with their problems such as myself. (Enders, Pamela. “Confident Cheerleading.” Cheerleading Can Ruin Your Day – Part I. Web. 16 Feb. 2009.) There are even other cheerleaders that write her questions because she is so good at what she does. Commenting on other blogs gives bloggers a inspirational feeling because they think they are helping others by what they right, this could make some ones day! The advice she gives is so helpful and they way she writes is so calming. If one was to read her blog they would notice that she doesn’t write to tell people what to do, she simply writes to try to help them. She would give advice threw her blogs, like how to get over mental blocks and who to better your performance. To me I think this is one of the best ways to blog, other than keeping in touch with family and friends.

Blogs are everywhere and I think everyone has read a blog at some point, maybe without even knowing it. Blogs are not only one a blogging websites; they are also on very popular websites such as facebook, myspace, and a lot of chatting cites. So even if someone was to think they have never read or even wrote a blog before, they are most likely wrong. There are so many different blogs out there, even just my class alone; everyone had a different type of blog they were writing about. Although, when blogging you have to be careful to not affined anyone because there are some mean bloggers out there as well. If you affined someone, bloggers are known to criticize your grammar and the way to write just for that reason. So because of this it sometimes it makes it hard to bring up things like other peoples culture, religion, or faith. These subjects are very touchy subjects even in the blogging world because a lot of people have strong opinions on the matter.

When you enter your blogging website there are so many different things you can be, say, do, act, accomplish, and pretend, really anything! When you sign in you can do anything! Change who you are, what you look like, how you feel, and what you want to be. No one really knows who you really are so sometime you have to be careful because it is known that the blogging world can draw you in and become addicted to who you are when you sign on and forget the real world. Blogging website is its own world alone, it can be good or bad depending the way you go, just because you can be whoever you want to be and say whatever you want to say because no one knows who the person is behind the screen!

Friday, March 13, 2009

My personal feelings on guest blogging.

I thought it was so fun to have someone voice coming out from my blog. To read someone Else's views on my topic was very interesting to me. . I would say this because it helps me realise that not everyone thinks cheerleading is pointless. I love coming together as a class to try to see how much we really know about each other.

I guess in some case if you are blogging about something really personal you could feel that your space is being violated. However, in my case i did not feel that way at all. I think that guest blogging was a good idea because it lets others know how there are so many people out there blogging about different things that can be really interesting.

I would encourage others to do this and see what they think about it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Cheerleading has always been my passion, but I have never been able to write down my thoughts and feelings about it till now. There are struggles each and every person goes through when it comes to their passion.

This week I am going to be talk about giving up ones dreams. I know someone who loves cheerleading and has been doing it for some time now. However, lately she feels like she just isn’t good enough. She told me that she looks around and sees everyone having a good time. And then she looks at herself and sees a fake smile that she just can’t seem to turn real. She has been faced with so much stress that it has seem to get in the way of her even enjoying what she loves to do. She asked me if I thought she should just give it up? Now, I asked her if it would be alright to write about her and she said that’s fine she just didn’t want her name to be said.

I responded to that by saying, if you really love something you will never let it go. By taking away your passion would be like taking away your heart, painful and useless. This was something she can look forward to. I told her to let it be her escape zone; that when she walks through that door, she could leave all of her problems and just enjoy what she loves to do.

Now weather she takes that to heart and does that is up to her. . . I just hate to see someone who loves something so much to just give it up because of their in hard times. I wouldn’t want anyone to look back on their life and think what if I had done things different.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I love cheerleading. I cheered from second grade until sophomore year of high school. I cheered for a competition team, I took many classes/lessons/camps. I always cheered for football because I played a winter sport. Freshman year was the last time I cheered for my school. I regret quitting because I really did love it. But, my winter sport was taking up my life and I had to make a decision. I often think about it a lot....ya know...cheering again. But, I think it is kind of too late.

Not only did I love the cheering part, I loved the whole concept...the concept that most people hate about cheerleading. The uniforms, the preppyness (word?), getting all done up. I loved it. One thing that really makes me mad is the sterotype of cheerleaders. Not all of them are stuck up or bitchy. That's not how it is with every cheerleader.

Another thing...just for fun. What do you think.....? IS CHEERLEADING A SPORT? A lot of people have a lot of different opinions on this subject. I believe anything is a sport if it involved competition. Competition cheerleading is one of the most intense things to be in, or watch. Everything has to be perfect or you might lose the chance of winning. Well, let me know what you think! Is cheerleading a sport?

Friday, February 27, 2009


My high school asked me to come back to teach cheerleading clinics, which is big because they always have some college cheerleaders to do it and they picked me. In order to do this I have to come prepared. That means I have to bring a cheer and motion to teach. I also have to bring a dance with music, ready to teach. My cheer has to catch the crowds attention. That's the entire purpose of a cheer: First, to get the attention of the crowd, and second, to motivate them. You do this by creating words that the crowd can go along with and scream loud. School spirit is what you need!

Example chant:

Hey all you hornet fans,

Lets go clap you hands.

( X. X. X.X. X. X)


This will get the students involved and get the team pumped!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dance Vs. Cheerleading

I am going to write about someone else blog today. The blogger "Dance as if no one is watching" has always cought my attention. Maybe because i use to be a dancer and sometimes miss it.

Cheerleading has its alike and differences, just like most of other sports. Cheerleading is more of a hard hit motion count, when in dance you can just almost let your self loose. Now im not saying I don't have fun cheering cause that is not the case at all! Somethings i just miss moving to the rhythm. Thats when i hit the clubs! Although cheerleading does have its dance parts in our routines its just never the same.

However, cheerleading and dance have there similarities as well. The author of "Dance as if no one is watching" in the "Dance your heart out" part she talks about competition. Now i remember my dance competitions as well. And the was she described hers it sounds as if they are still the same. She talks about how it seems as if no time is going by as your waiting backstage, and how you have to to have big smiles when performing. Cheerleading competitions are the same way.

So maybe that's why i always look at her blogs. I still love to dance; your passions never leave you!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Things about cheerleading

1. Spirit_ Spirit is what every cheerleader has, however you don’t have to be a cheerleader to have spirit. Almost every person has some kind of spirit in something; their favorite football team, basketball team, etc. It’s when you get all dressed up for an event you can wait to see. To have good spirit is a good way to start off your day.

2. Uniforms_ Uniforms is what brings a squad of cheerleaders together. We have matching uniforms to signify that we are one as a team. Everything from our hair, makeup, and the style of our shoes, everything has to be identical. This brings us together as a squad. Even the smiles on our faces, every little detail maters, from top to bottom.

3. Tumbling_ Being able to tumble is a big part of cheerleading. No, where not gymnastics, however it looks great in a competition and it racks up the points. Knowing how to tumble isn’t just the jest of it either. It is great if you know how to do a standing back hand spring or a standing tuck; however if it is not clean it would be more points off than if you just didn’t do it at all. So there is more than just showing your talent, it’s about how clean and sharp your can make it as well.

4. Games_ The games are my favorite! There is no pressure and you can just go out there and have fun. It’s about getting the crowd involved and having a good time doing it. You go out there to cheer on the team and hope they do their best!