Friday, February 20, 2009

Dance Vs. Cheerleading

I am going to write about someone else blog today. The blogger "Dance as if no one is watching" has always cought my attention. Maybe because i use to be a dancer and sometimes miss it.

Cheerleading has its alike and differences, just like most of other sports. Cheerleading is more of a hard hit motion count, when in dance you can just almost let your self loose. Now im not saying I don't have fun cheering cause that is not the case at all! Somethings i just miss moving to the rhythm. Thats when i hit the clubs! Although cheerleading does have its dance parts in our routines its just never the same.

However, cheerleading and dance have there similarities as well. The author of "Dance as if no one is watching" in the "Dance your heart out" part she talks about competition. Now i remember my dance competitions as well. And the was she described hers it sounds as if they are still the same. She talks about how it seems as if no time is going by as your waiting backstage, and how you have to to have big smiles when performing. Cheerleading competitions are the same way.

So maybe that's why i always look at her blogs. I still love to dance; your passions never leave you!


  1. I like to see people dance, partaking in it is another thing. I think i have that disease wear i suck at dancing. Altho i can pull a man "sprinkler" or the "dice" on the dance floor.

  2. ha i don't know much about dance as a sport or cheerleading. but i do no dancing for fun and clubs. so thats fun!

  3. Ha! Im not sure what the "spinkler" or the "dice" is but it would be rather interesting to see!

  4. I REALLY like your post for this week!!! I always love competition days, they are so fun and exciting! I use to be a cheerleader, I like how you describe the difference between just dancing and cheer leading moves!(if that makes sense!)