Friday, January 30, 2009


Everyone has a passion. It’s what you do to get away. It’s what you can do all day and not get tired of. If someone was to ask you what your passion was what would you say? Do you know?

Cheerleading isn’t just a hobby or something people do to stay active to me. It’s more than that. It is my passion, my focus, and it is something I do to keep my mind off something else. It’s what I do when I want to escape something; as if I am running away from the world, my problem, my fears. When it is taken from me I am forced to face those problems and it makes me lose focus that much more.

When I am held back from working at my passion I feel frustrated inside. I have fallen behind on this week. All this week I was snowed in and now way out. There was a inch of ice on my car and there was no easy way on getting it off. So never the less I missed a lot of my practice and have fallen behind on my work. When someone goes without practicing for a while they start to lose the progress they have made.

I have a game Saturday; therefore I was hoping to start putting my new moves out on the floor. Now that I have not worked on it for a week I feel as if I am moving backwards instead of forwards. Like when a star basketball play has an awesome game one week, then has the worst game ever the next.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Control my weaknesses

This has been the worst week ever, and it has shown in my progress. I have had a lot on my mind; therefore my tumbling progress has not progressed the way I have wanted it to. So much has happen to me this week that seems to block my concentration of everything.

Last Friday was the worst! I had my personal trainer this day and he always works me. Since I was off in some different world thinking about everything but what I should have been thinking about I failed miserable. Not only did I not land my tumbling correctly, but I also fell, hit my head, jacked up my knee, and rolled my ankle. I also started my tuck, this did not over pretty.

After taking a break for a few days and try to clear my head; I was back on my feet come Monday. Monday at tumbling I was very upset with myself on how I let my personal and home life get in the way of something I love. So I was determined to land my running double back handspring clean.

Towards the end of my practice I felt a lot better with myself; however, I was still in pain from Fridays train wreck. Yes, I accomplished my goals and landed my double standing, along with my double running, however I now know that my personal life could mess with my goals of cheerleading. I just have to learn to control my weaknesses and leave my troubles at the door when I start tumbling. Otherwise I could end up with something more than just a scratched up knee.
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Personal Trainer

I just started my personal training. My trainer cheered at The Ohio State University, and he is in no way shape or form easy on me. We have a goal by this time next year i will know and have mastered everything it takes to become a cheerleader for Ohio State. He has faith in me and has told me i am going to start flying and have my full down. I know this is going to take a lot of time and effort but i know when i put my mind and soul to something it will come true.


Friday, January 16, 2009

The Pain That Comes With Cheerleading

You would think that cheerleading is all fun and games, but in reality it is not. Its like any other competitive sport that any athlete goes through. I have dreams and things that i wish to accomplish but like any other person I have to work long and hard at accomplishing my dreams. I have recently been working on my tumbling witch involves knowing how to work and control all of your muscles in ones body. I have just landed my standing double back hand spring and can also land my running. However i wish to go further. I am planning on starting to work on my tucks, to put that into my running as well.

From all of this I have encountered more bruises and pains through out my body than i have ever felt before. After a long, hard day of work i feel so tuckered out but at the same time I get this great feeling that makes me feel so good about myself.

The other day i worked out from four to ten at night with an hour break. I felt great at the end of the night but when morning came I realized that i was going to pay for my hard work that i put in the day before. My muscles did not want to move an inch that day and i had to ignore my pain because i had school. So as i got up i thought a nice hot shower would get my day off to a better start. When i forced myself out side to clean of my car to be on my way. It was hard enough to clean off my car let alone thinking about having to work out after class. But with competitions coming up and me being out of shape, I had a lot of work to do. I am just hoping that he more i work out the less my muscles will be of a pain.

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Journey threw cheerleading

Hi..My name is Tracy and I am a freshman at Ohio State University at the Newark branch. I am a Titan cheerleader here and have grown to be very passionate towards my time and effort I have put into being an OSU-N. I am new at this blogging thing but I want to share with everyone how exactly it feels to be a college cheerleader. Do you know the feeling of extreme adrenaline rush? Like when you are getting on the world’s highest rollercoaster and you hear nothing but the sound of the changes going click, click, and click; knowing that each second you are becoming closer and closer to the top. The further you go up the more your heart starts to race and your palms begin to sweat, knowing that any second now your stomach is going to go to your throat. That sudden burst of achievement when it is all done and over with; you can finally say you had accomplished the scariest ride of your life? Well that is the feeling I experience when I am flipping through the air. This is the exact reason why I have decided to make my blogs about my experiences and journey along the road of cheerleading.
As a college cheerleader it has been such a change in my life. There is such a change from high school cheerleading to college cheerleading. I work just that much harder to achieve my goals. I am now tumbling and stunting, things I have never done before. I have had more broses and more sore then I have ever been before. I cannot wait to show and tell people about my journey in cheerleading.