Thursday, March 12, 2009


Cheerleading has always been my passion, but I have never been able to write down my thoughts and feelings about it till now. There are struggles each and every person goes through when it comes to their passion.

This week I am going to be talk about giving up ones dreams. I know someone who loves cheerleading and has been doing it for some time now. However, lately she feels like she just isn’t good enough. She told me that she looks around and sees everyone having a good time. And then she looks at herself and sees a fake smile that she just can’t seem to turn real. She has been faced with so much stress that it has seem to get in the way of her even enjoying what she loves to do. She asked me if I thought she should just give it up? Now, I asked her if it would be alright to write about her and she said that’s fine she just didn’t want her name to be said.

I responded to that by saying, if you really love something you will never let it go. By taking away your passion would be like taking away your heart, painful and useless. This was something she can look forward to. I told her to let it be her escape zone; that when she walks through that door, she could leave all of her problems and just enjoy what she loves to do.

Now weather she takes that to heart and does that is up to her. . . I just hate to see someone who loves something so much to just give it up because of their in hard times. I wouldn’t want anyone to look back on their life and think what if I had done things different.

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