Monday, March 9, 2009


I love cheerleading. I cheered from second grade until sophomore year of high school. I cheered for a competition team, I took many classes/lessons/camps. I always cheered for football because I played a winter sport. Freshman year was the last time I cheered for my school. I regret quitting because I really did love it. But, my winter sport was taking up my life and I had to make a decision. I often think about it a lot....ya know...cheering again. But, I think it is kind of too late.

Not only did I love the cheering part, I loved the whole concept...the concept that most people hate about cheerleading. The uniforms, the preppyness (word?), getting all done up. I loved it. One thing that really makes me mad is the sterotype of cheerleaders. Not all of them are stuck up or bitchy. That's not how it is with every cheerleader.

Another thing...just for fun. What do you think.....? IS CHEERLEADING A SPORT? A lot of people have a lot of different opinions on this subject. I believe anything is a sport if it involved competition. Competition cheerleading is one of the most intense things to be in, or watch. Everything has to be perfect or you might lose the chance of winning. Well, let me know what you think! Is cheerleading a sport?


  1. elena, cuz you use caps alot.

  2. I think that cheerleading is a sport! You have to work just as hard as any other sport! Is this... Elena (I don't know)

  3. I am not sure. I will got with the others and guess Elena. I think that cheerleading is a sport.

  4. You should definitely join cheering again! Being apart of a team is an awesome opportunity! Cheering is a sport! It is very challenging and thrilling!-alexa